Goldilocks & The 3 Bears is a film I made for the children’s charity: KidsOut and their World Stories project.
I first found out about the charity Kids Out and their World Stories project when I was a volunteer on the BBC Outreach scheme. I was put in touch with the organisation and ask to bring one of their children’s stories to life through animation.
I chose the traditional fairy tale Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, and was given the freedom to create the style and look of the piece. I was extremely fortunate that Richard Briers had kindly recorded his voice for the charity which was a joy to animate to.

Narrated by
Richard Briers

Animated & directed
Neil Whitman


I was given 5 days to work on this project from start to finish. Animation is an extremely time consuming process however by keeping the designs and movements simple I was able to complete the film in such a short space of time.
World Stories is a growing collection of traditional and new stories representing the 21 most commonly spoken languages by children across the UK. These stories can be read, listened to and downloaded in English and their original language. Thanks to the wonderful support of writers, storytellers, translators, broadcasters and actors we are adding new stories, recordings and translations to the collection every week.
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