Stories for Ways & Means: Doug The Bug
This story is Doug The Bug, written by Frank Black, narrated by Danny Devito and Illustrated by Kai & Sunny.
Stories for Ways & Means: The Very Tall Tree
The Very Tall Tree is a story written and narrated by Gary Numan. I was commissioned by LA record label Waxploitation to create an animated version to accompany their children's book.
Stories for Ways & Means: The Lonely Giant
The Lonely Giant was written by Nick Cave, narrated by Andre Royo and Illustrated by Anthony Lister.
Stories for Ways & Means: Oslo & Plum
This story is Oslo & Plum, written by Jim James (My Morning Jacket), illustrated by Jacob Escobedo and narrated by Phil LaMarr (Futurama).
Stories for Ways & Means: Circus
This story is Circus, written by Tom Waits, narrated by Ken Nordine and Illustrated by Joe Coleman.
Stories for Ways & Means: How to Escape from a Wasp
This story is “How to Escape from a Wasp”, written by by Micachu, painted by Kirsty Whiten and narrated by King Krule.
Stories for Ways & Means: Watch How You Talk To People
This story is Watch How You Talk To People, written by Del the Funky Homosapien, narrated by Phil LaMarr and painted by Ronzo.
Stories for Ways & Means: Fishing With Music
Fishing With Music was written by Amadou Bagayoko, narrated by D.R.A.M. and Illustrated by Will Barras.
Stories for Ways & Means: Wishing Well Fountain
Written and narrated by Alison Mosshart (The Kills), this story is Wishing Well Fountain and was illustrated by Dan Baldwin.
Stories for Ways & Means: The Next Big Thing
Zach Galifianakis narrates The Next Big Thing, written by Gibby Haynes and painted by Daniel Anum Jasper.
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