Waving is a music video I created to promote the third studio album from Blackfield entitled Welcome to my DNA.
Blackfield is the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli artist Aviv Geffen. Formed after a meeting in 2000, the partnership blossomed into a cross-cultural collaboration that has already spawned two albums (2004’s Blackfield and 2007’s Blackfield II).
This was my third full length venture into 3D animation. The software I used was Cinema 4D. It was produced in my free time over the course of 3 months.

Written & performed by

From the album
Welcome to my DNA (2011)

Animated & directed by
Neil Whitman

Record label

Screenings & Awards

6th April 2013
Won Animation Trophy at SERIAC Film Festival

29th September 2012
Won Animation Trophy at Kent Film Festival

7th December 2011
CineMe Animation Showcase in Bristol

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